Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Love of the Past

The past has always intrigued me...mostly I expect...because I find my future can benefit from knowing about the going-ons of others, in different times periods, different expectations, dreams and disappointments. I use this philosophy with all that I do. My writing. My scrapbooking. Plus many others interesting things I find myself drawn to.
What did today bring as far as the past? One of my neighbors has begun experiencing spirits walking through a portal...into his bedroom. He called me, asking for help.
For me, spirits, portals opening, and sensing there's more to life than living humans means something important. For example...the life that resides within inanimate objects...such as an 100-year-old roll top, oak desk which spoke to me 23 years ago.
We seemed to connect the moment I walked into the antique store where it sat. For months, I couldn't get that desk out of my mind. I even drove back to the store several weekends later after I discovered it, but found the store closed. I could see the desk from the window. It looked forlorn and sad. Disappointed, I returned home.
Still I couldn't get the desk out of my mind. Finally one day, my husband, out of the blue, told me...call the store (which was in another state) and tell them I wanted it.
When I called, I was informed that they had just loaded it into a truck to take to an auction sale in my town. I was told the desk never seemed to sell so they decided to try and sell it elsewhere. To say the least, I bought the desk, right then and there.
So, happy news, instead of taking the desk to an open sale, they delivered it to me. To this day, I love this roll-top desk with its unusual shape and design, and I KNOW it loves being with me. For every time I walk by it, I feel a loving, warm emotion of joy. How great is that?


  1. aw. what a lovely story, we need pictures!! Thanks for your visit and I'm so glad you liked my this weeks freebie!

  2. I love antiques too! I'm so glad you phoned before it was too late!! :) Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog as well.

  3. Put a few pics up of the desk. I hope to do more later. Thanks for the comments.